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About Us

Dog Clothes

Why dog clothes? Well, because sometimes, you just want to take your buddy out to a nice place without being embarrassed that he or she is naked.  

There are many reasons to get dog clothes for your little fluffy friend. Maybe it's cold outside, and you feel bad about leaving the house because you're dressed in a fur coat with a matching scarf and booties, and your dog isn't (besides old fur coat.)  Or maybe you're tired of seeing other dogs in nice dog clothes, dressed to the nines when all that yours is baring is an over worn collar.  Whatever the reason may be, The Paw Wag Company works hard to provide you the cutest dog clothes around!

We started as a company looking to provide dog clothes fit for all sized dogs.  However, we were faced with the harsh reality of The Industry.  Not only did we find a limited selection, we also found very limited sizes.  Our company is on a mission to battle size discrimination in the dog clothes industry.  Although today we are only able to offer limited products for our larger sized friends, we hope that as our company grows, our purchasing power will also grow to be able to make a change.  With your support, we will continue to work hard everyday to provide you clothing for all breeds and all sizes.